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Ultrasound allows us to scan your pet's body system without the need for surgery. It is often superior to xrays when looking at soft
tissue structures, and most times doesn't require any sedation or anaesthetic.

This equipment is used for the diagnosis of pet diseases in the abdomen, chest cavity and even tendons.

Ultrasound is used for looking at Abdominal organs, such as liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, bowel and stomach, as well as
the heart.  We also use ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy, but it can be hard to accurately count pup numbers. We can also look at
tendons and muscles where we suspect tendon or muscle injury.

Ultrasound is used extensively in breeding for the evaluation of follicles to determine the best time to breed as well as pregnancy

This can only be done safely with suitable handling facilities so is normally done in a horse crush at our equine centre.