Our equine facility- Equine Sports Therapy - at 480 Stratford Rd, Maffra is where we perform many procedures and diagnostics on equine patients. We also provide chiropractic, myotherapy and acupuncture services for equine patients.

We provide a comprehensive range of diagnostics including digital xray, ultra sound and in house laboratory

Our veterinarians are able to perform most routine procedures at your property including minor surgeries under local or general anaesthesia.

Those patients who require special or ongoing care can be housed at our equine complex, Equine Sports Therapy.

We have an Australian Stud Book approved veterinarian (Mark Neilan) who is also a member of the Australian Equine Veterinary Association.

Microchipping and freeze branding can be performed on thoroughbreds and other breeds.

Pre- purchased examinations (including a written report) of horses and ponies can be performed as well as DNA and identification of thoroughbreds.

Drenching and teeth rasping of horses can be done at reasonable rates with multiple horses / ponies.

Our vets work with several local farriers when patients need specialist trimming, shoeing and hoof care.